Perun Inc. is a LLC vehicle for Consulting Services and App Development.

The company is registered in Taiwan, with investment from Poland, combining East European talent with operations in Asia. 

The Consulting Services are focused around Product Management and Marketing domain, with an emphasis on methodology, processes and performance measuring as well as adoption of Agile and SCRUM.
Perun Inc. also offers a dedicated consulting in the niche of running
foreign-owned startup business in Taiwan. As a part of that niche
services Perun Inc. is also on a mission to power business operations with Linux and FOSS, which is very poorly adopted in the Taiwanese business landscape for use on desktop as a daily driver OS.

The App Development service is focused on providing outsourcing for native desktop and mobile apps design, development and deployment. We are rock-solid experts in Linux app development (back-end, desktop, embedded) and LCL/FMX app development using Lazarus and Delphi.

One of core expertsmanship at Perun Inc. is cross-platform full stack software architecture design and implementation using Object Pascal with Lazarus IDE and Delphi. The language, which in Taiwan is a very small niche, has many excellent adepts in Eastern Europe. Modern  Object Pascal provides advanced syntax, multi-target compilers and powerful IDEs for Rapid Application Development allowing for ultra fast delivery of native applications for all major desktop, mobile and embedded platforms and app stores.  Following the “write once, compile everywhere” principle, just one team can target Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS and Android with a single project written in one programming language using native compilation and not html5/css based webapp wrapper approach.

Consultation and services include (but not limited to):

  • porting legacy codebase from old generation Delphi to new generation RAD Studio
  • migrating Delphi VCL projects to FMX
  • making source code and components portable between FPC/Lazarus and RAD Studio
  • Linux services and scripting using FPC/Lazarus and InstantFPC
  • FPC/Lazarus projects for Raspberry Pi and other single board computers
  • Mobile app development