WELCOME TO 霹隆有限公司 Perun Inc. WELCOME TO 霹隆有限公司 Perun Inc. WELCOME TO 霹隆有限公司 Perun Inc.
WELCOME TO 霹隆有限公司 Perun Inc.
Product Management/Marketing & Software Development
WELCOME TO 霹隆有限公司 Perun Inc.
Product Management/Marketing & Software Development
WELCOME TO 霹隆有限公司 Perun Inc.
Product Management/Marketing & Software Development

Perun Inc. is in business of Consulting and Outsourcing

Our expertise covers server/desktop/mobile/embedded software development, Product Management & Marketing.
We are also helping startups in adopting Linux for business operations and workloads.

Professional Consulting

System architecture, System Integration with IoT, Linux adoption for desktop, server and embedded.

App Development
OEM & outsourcing

Cross-platform software: Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android.
Back-end, desktop and mobile apps.

Product Mgmt & Marketing

Consulting, mentoring, training. Processes and Methodology.
Agile, SCRUM, Lean Mgmt.



Perun Inc. is a LLC vehicle for Consulting Services and App Development.

The company is registered in Taiwan, with investment from Poland, combining East European talent with operations in Asia.

The Consulting Services are focused around Product Management and Marketing domain, with an emphasis on methodology, processes and performance measuring as well as adoption of Agile and SCRUM.
Perun Inc. also offers consulting in a specialized niche of running foreign-owned startup business in Taiwan. As a part of that niche services Perun Inc. is also on a mission to power business operations with Linux and FOSS.

The App Development service is focused on providing outsourcing for native desktop and mobile apps design, development and deployment. We are rock-solid experts in Linux app development (back-end, desktop, embedded) and LCL/FMX app development using Lazarus and Delphi.


Perun Provides:


Product Management & Marketing,
Software Architecture


cross-platform for Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android

Linux Adoption

Adopting Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) for business operations. Strategy, implementation and support.

Mentoring & Couching

Agile Software, SCRUM, Lean Startup, Leadership

Perun Components

LCL/FMX Components for faster app development with Lazarus and Delphi.


UI/UX consulting, photo and video work

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We are a team of talented developers and Designers from Eastern Europe and Taiwan

Perun is a name with links to Slavic tradition

Perun Inc. is an East European initiative in the Far East.
Registered in Taiwan we are on a mission to focus modest local footprint of Slavic talent in IT and business development.
East European technology entrepreneurs are acknowledged as some of the most technically skilled in the world. CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) is seeing growth in investment from global capital and business, yet CEE footprint in Taiwan is very small. Perun Inc. acts as a small entrepreneurial vehicle for leveraging East European talent in adding a competitive edge in the local Taiwan market.

Perun in Slavic mythology is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of sky, thunder, lightning, storms, rain, law and war. Because of its symbolic connection to power, electricity, and resolve, it is not uncommon to see association with Perun in East European business in technology field.

Reaching out

How can you reach out?

Perun Inc. works with B2B channels and direct lines between customers and consultants. For the general purpose inquiries we use email and Telegram.



Monday - Friday / 9am - 7pm (GMT+8)